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  1. Met Chris & Pat at HARRYS New Orlean Restaurant here in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO late last week. It was the 1st full day here in town for Chris & Pat. I recommended the Avocado stuffed “TAKO” OctopusSalad with a horseradish dip as it is was “Special of the Day” last week & like myself, the loved it!

    Chris, your work is great! hope you enjoy photographing our lovely town and that I run into you during our festivities for the DAY OF THE DEAD “Dios De Los Muertos” festivities that are already going on. I WILL be a CATRINA Tuesday night in the Jardin. I will be dressed in my Skeleton outfit with a bright orange Mexican long shawl. The CATRINA PARADE is from 8-9 PM where we throw candies(dulces) for the ninos & pose for photos.

    Have a great & safe time in Sa Miguel!


  2. Chris Klus says:


    We came back to Harry’s on the Night of the Dead and drank and danced with all the costumed folks. They were a hoot!

    Loved SMA and will definitely come back again.

    I finally posted some of my shots. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

    Nice running into you.

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